Tips for Maintaining a Facility

It’s time to clean up and upgrade your facility after a long winter season. Property owners and facility managers can use many techniques to ensure their facilities are ready for the summer season. Here are some of the areas to focus on to ensure your facility is up and running even after a long winter season.

Embrace Big Data

People are increasingly using data in areas of their lives ranging from major league baseball to heating systems to identify and solve problems, and management of facilities isn’t exceptional. Facility managers are now using devices such as BIM software to collect and analyze data on all aspects of facility maintenance dallas. The tool can help find out where inefficiencies and problems are emanating from and how to solve them.

Adopt a Proactive Approach

Research has revealed that most facility managers often adopt proactive approaches when it comes to maintenance. Instead of waiting until a tool fails or breaks down, facilities can take a preventive maintenance approach to help address any problem before it occurs. That helps avoid budget-breaking repairs, replacements, and unexpected expenses. It also gives facility managers more freedom to concentrate on essential things; thus, no time is wasted managing emergencies.

Go Mobile

Over time, mobile technology has become one of the reliable tools for facility managers. With today’s facility managers always on the move, mobile apps, tablets, and smartphones are giving the much-needed access to information about their operation from virtually anywhere. Managers can use mobile technology to access inspection reports, vendor apps, maintenance schedules, work orders, adjust the heat, and download project blueprints and maps to view what’s behind a design whenever they need.

Maximized Carpet

Over time, managers have realized how valuable commercial carpets are to facilities, and are looking for ways to extend its lifetime to help save money in the long run. Adopting a carpet maintenance program is the best way to achieve this. Creating a strategic carpet maintenance program will help improve the appearance of a carpet and preserve its condition. It also helps prevent costly replacements and untimely repairs that can put a dent to your shoestring budget.

Lighten Up

Facility managers have over time shifted their focus to LED lighting for a reason. While LED lighting requires a substantial upfront investment, they can reduce operating costs and last longer than standard lighting. The fact that LED lights can last longer than standard ones can help reduce maintenance costs, and that’s a win-win situation for a facility.

Go Green

Of course, even facilities that have already invested in sustainable processes are willing to take their program to the next level. You can keep in touch with your service provider to get updated on the latest facility management procedures and products. Facilities that are yet to incorporate sustainability into their practices can contact an expert to help them begin with changes that will make a lasting impact. For example, always make sure your cleaners use alternative bio-based cleaning products and use only Green Seal certified detergents. You can also incorporate equipment and supplies such as towel dispensers, microfiber mops and cloths, and automatic flushing toilets. Sustainable programs are often economical considering their proven health and cost benefits.

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