The Truth About Mental Healthcare

We all know what prominent role good health plays in our life. When we are talking about health, we are referring to our physical body and illness. But what about mental health? Nobody really wants to talk about it. In fact, people are more informed about flu vaccines on a regular basis than they are about mental illness. If there is someone that you know suffering from a mental issue, no one discusses it. Why? Because mental health problem is seen as a disability rather than an illness. People are scared to be stigmatized if they revealed their state of mind. They fear of losing jobs, failing in relationship and not being able to assimilate in the society. This fear also arises from the fact that healthcare industry has been giving less importance to curing mental illnesses. The reason is because mental health is not just a taboo but takes a long time to cure. The subject itself goes to the bottom of the pile in terms of money allocated to research in curing mental problems.

The stigma, though subtle, still has persisted. People with mental disorder are seen as more violent than others. Who are to be blamed? It turns out that the society co-relates violence to mental illness. The good news is that, despite the reluctance from all levels and though sensitive in many respects, mental diseases can be diagnosed and cured effectively. The bad news is that only one third of the people diagnosed get real help. These people are mostly aren’t aware that their insurance, if they have it from the health marketplace with 340b GPO prohibition, covers the full cost including medication and therapy. And then there are many rehabilitation programs to assist people with mental issues. In essence, the way these illnesses are seen has changed significantly over the past few decades. It has lost its taboo stature to become the topic that some researchers, psychologists and health professionals would like to discuss about. There are also many breakthrough evidences to support that many people have been cured of their illnesses with proper care.

Mental illness needs to be eliminated from the root level. It is known that depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are genetically acquired. There are also environmental and developmental causes to mental disorder, such as childhood trauma, improper upbringing and emotional abuse. But in the quest to get rid of it instantly, people rely on medications that are not only ineffective but harmful to mental health. There is a need to get mental counseling. People need to remember what they went through, talk upon the issue deeply and cope with their pain through proper counseling from healthcare professionals. Additionally, good food and healthy habits play an important role in balancing hormones and chemicals in the brain. Just like any other organ in the body, to remain healthy mentally, the brain needs a good balance of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Only then mental health issue can be cured for good.


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