Oversize Permit Loads: Why Various Transportation Organizations Need Them to Do Business

Transportation is an extremely important part of modern society. At least 88% of all Americans own a vehicle. There are thousands of transportation companies spread out across the U.S. They provide services for the food, construction and for hauling industry. When a vehicle must move an extra-large or extra wide load they will need an oversized permit to accomplish the job.

What Is an Oversized Permit?

Oversized permits are issued at the state level. The federal government does not provide this type of documentation for vehicles. One of the reasons why states provide these types of permits has to do with protecting American roads and streets. More importantly they are needed to protect motorists as they drive on the nation’s highways. The U.S. Department of Transportation also states that local bridges must be protected. This is another reason why they issue the permits. They also issue them for vehicles that extend a specific width. Vehicles that are wider than 102-inches or more will need them. Ultimately, any vehicle that exceeds the standard axle, weight or width dimensions will need an oversize permit.

Permit Options for Oversize Vehicles

Several texas oversize permits provide a general overview of the different type of permit options available for people to use. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles informs drivers that they can get a permit for single-trips, manufactured housing single trips, super heavy loads, hauling portable buildings and houses, crane and well service, self-propelled off road equipment and for non-divisible loads. Fracking trailers, hay and quarterly hubometers also use oversized permits as well. Vehicles such as mixers and items such as shipping containers are also included in the oversize permitting sector. Each state’s Department of Transportation agency will inform businesses about the various oversize documents they will need for moving certain types of vehicles and loads across American roads.

How Do Oversize Permits Help Businesses?

Oversize permits make it easier for construction companies to transport their equipment and loads. They are also needed to ensure that construction outfits can move large vehicles over highways. They can also be used for moving lumber, steel and other supplies that must be shipped to various locations. They are also useful for many food transportation businesses.

Food markets constantly have to move large amounts of produce, dairy, meats and canned goods across great distances. Large amounts of bulk items are transported during this time. Farming businesses use oversize permits to move hay, tractors and farming equipment. They are also used for transporting military equipment, vehicles and weapons over special roads. Oversize permits also help entertainment companies such as amusement parks and circuses to move their structures, equipment and supplies.

Oversize permits play a hidden role with keeping the American economy and society running smoothly. These permits ensure that markets are constantly being served since our society is based in transportation. They are also important for society. Our highways and roads are critical to how our society operates. American roads cannot suffer heavy damage from large sized vehicles and loads. Otherwise, our roads will constantly have to be repaired. Ultimately, oversize permits help us to maintain our infrastructure and keep society moving in the right direction.

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