Why Upgrade Your Dry Cleaning Conveyor?

For service sector businesses, once locals know where to find you and start patronizing your shop, it can be hard to continue growing. One way to combat this possible stagnation is with higher efficiency. Being more efficient means serving customers quicker. This can lead to better word-of-mouth advertising and the ability to handle a larger customer base. For dry cleaners, an upgraded dry cleaning conveyor can do just that. Here are some of the benefits to replacing your conveyor with a more streamlined version.

Clear Delivery Times

Automated conveyor systems can record each item as it comes in and output a delivery time based on the schedule your business keeps. This allows you to give customers a clear date and time when their item will be ready for pickup. This also lets you advertise your quick turnaround time on exterior signage, attracting commuters to visit your location.

Easily Train Employees

A barcode scanner is an easy system for anyone to use. Once you have an upgraded conveyor system, new hires can get up to speed quickly. The flexibility this affords your business is especially important if you operate in a city that has a worker pool that fluctuates seasonally.

Simple Invoice Creation

Billing customers accurately is easier when your invoice system is automated. Scan and input each item, then push them to the same ticket with a few simple mouse clicks or keyboard presses. Depending on the upgrade, you may be able to include loyalty or frequent-customer rewards.

Upgrading your dry cleaning conveyor is essential to growing your business. When you operate in a clear and efficient manner, customers come back and spread the work about their positive experience. New hires also have less stress and can focus on customer service. Conveyor automation is where dry cleaning is heading, don’t get left behind.

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