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Are you ready for this year? Something funny happens to time at the back end of the year. There we are, enjoying the warm mellow colours of autumn, and suddenly the train of Christmas is rushing towards us. Just beyond that, of course, looms the New Year – resolutions, a new calendar and time for innovations.

Get Some Ideas From Those Who Know

Web practitioners are especially reflective, and there is good information out there from the best of them to help you focus on the trends that may affect your design.

The journalist and web specialist Andreas Hecht (who says he roams the web since its inception), writing for WordPress, has some interesting insights.
A dynamic forward-looking web design company using the latest techniques. Zazzle and UX Magazine also offer challenging prescriptions.

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Techniques That Will Grow

Some aspects of web design will become more dominant during next year. Key amongst these is further extension of first design for mobile use. Sites that respond well and flexibly to both phone and tablet screens, as well as larger ones, will thrive. Increasing availability of high-speed connections will become apparent, especially following Google’s suggestion of a 1.5-second load time. This speed improvement will enable much more use of video, animation, dynamic scrolling and parallax. Lazy loading, where just the element appropriate for that moment of use is downloaded, encourages designers to be more interactive with their content. Much more responsiveness to user type and input will favour interactive storytelling. The trend towards more original illustration rather than stock imagery will continue, as will more adventurous use of typography.

Over the Horizon, but Approaching Fast

Maybe not the main item, but developing during the year will be techniques such as tamagotchi gestures (encouraging user reaction), haptic feedback (where the device gives a tactile response to the user) and design of the total experience between and at the end of user input.

The Future Is Nearly Here

2020 will be another exciting year for the web design professional, but it’s always important to keep up to date with the latest trends.

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