How Motivated People Win in Life & Business?

Motivation is one of the primary driving forces in the world. Motivated people possess various qualities that keep their working attitude intact. These are the people who can work through challenging situations. Motivated people do their best at all times and exert effort to accomplish things. This is what makes them winners in life and everything related to it! Entrepreneurs like Nathan Garries are a prime example of it.

But what actually is a win? Let’s define it first.

What is winning?

Winning is not just limited to achieving a set outcome, but its definition is far more diverse. Since win or success is a subjective term, it varies from learning from drawbacks to attaining peace of mind over the consistent efforts you have made.

Bounding success with an objective outlook would do more harm than good. You should rather define it as any little achievement related to your desired result that could provide you mental satisfaction.

This is what induces encouragement in motivated people as they witness their capacity for motivation rising with every single step they take towards their goal.

What Makes Them Win?

It has been established that motivated people have the ability to maintain calmness under pressure and ward off apathy & a sense of unwillingness to work. In general, they are both “agitated” and “contented” in appropriate perspectives. Business men like Nathan Garries are motivated to achieve what he wants and they have a high level of motivation to move forward even in challenging situations.

Following are the traits of motivated people that make them win in life and business:

  • Intrinsic Motivation

Individuals with intrinsic motivation tend to be more sustainable when it comes to challenging themselves. Intrinsic motivation makes them internally driven towards a consistent effort of becoming better, without anticipations of external incentives or rewards.


  • Optimism

Your professional life is almost entirely based on optimism. It doesn’t mean one should disregard a realistic approach, but staying optimistic helps motivated people see an overall positive picture.

This, in turn, encourages them to stay focused despite all the odds since the outcome they envisioned was constructive.

  • Strive to Learn

People with motivation are constant learners. They can comprehend and address their shortcomings, and never hesitate to conform to a change. This persistent strive to change themselves for the better helps them gain success as self-defined.

  • Persistence and Innovative

Motivated people have the ability to overcome their problems and insufficiencies. Having diverse ways of solving problems induces a “never give up” mentality. It keeps discouraging thoughts at bay and critics in check.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is credited with the saying:

“If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do something new or interesting.”

  • Confidence

People with a high level of motivation possess a high level of confidence. Envisioning a positive outcome gives them the confidence to take initial steps. They never let anxiety invade their minds during tough calls.

  • Contentment

Losing calmness under pressure triggers anxiety and hastiness. The mind gets distressed and all the confidence eventually gets diminished.

A realistic attitude combined with a sense of contentment is a product of a high level of motivation. Staying calm and focused even during tough times helps you evade the guilt of bad decisions.


The pace of your endeavors can be enhanced mentally and practically by one simple rule; Each step you have taken towards your ultimate objective should be perceived as a success.

It guarantees a sense of mental satisfaction in life and practical accomplishment in business, which is evident that you have won it all!

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