More top tips for forklift truck safety

So we’ve already mentioned how essential it is to drive a forklift in a safe and secure manner if you want to avoid accidents and fatalities. Now let’s take a look at some more tips that will ensure you operate your forklift as safely as possible.

Safe speed

– Never drive over the speed limit. Speed limits are there for a reason, so keep to them.
– When taking corners always turn slowly to reduce the risk of the forklift tipping.
– When changing direction or stopping, do so gradually.

Avoid hazards

– Stay away from uneven surfaces and bumps. Also avoid floors that have slippery conditions.
– Make use of the horn if you are closing in on a corner or an entrance/doorway and always use it to alert people of your whereabouts. They may not have seen you and you’ll want to avoid collisions which could be fatal.
– Stay a safe distance from other forklifts, so as to avoid unnecessary impacts.
– As stated by the Health and Safety Executive, never attempt to turn on or travel across a slope or a ramp.

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Ensure that visibility is clear

– If the load is restricting visibility from the front, then you should use reverse on the forklift, except when moving up ramps.
– It is essential that you can clearly see the racking where you are going to place your load.
– If the visibility is poor for some reason, then you should stop driving immediately. Some circumstances may require you to use a lookout assistant.

Never over-load the forklift

– Always know the capacity of your forklift and never exceed this.
– Never use the fork tips as levers to lift a heavy load.
– If you overload the forklift the rear can raise off the ground causing the forklift to tip over itself.

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Distribute the load evenly

– Never lift or move a load unless both of the forks are fully underneath the load.
– Never lift with just one fork.
– Do not use deformed, decayed or damaged pallets for any reason.


– Only refuel at specially designated locations.
– Always switch the forklift off when refuelling.
– Refuelling should always take place in an area that is well ventilated.

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