Different Male Baldness Stages Explained

Hair is one the most important part of any one’s personality is men or women. That’s why people are much attached to their hairs. Glowing & shiny hairs are referred to as a sign of youthfulness. The real issue occurs when the baldness starts to show its signs. Generally, people take baldness as an age factor which is not true. Baldness can kick into anyone at any stage of your life, young or teen. And if you are not caring towards your hairs, it will surely lead towards baldness.

There are so many reasons for baldness; few of the top ones are stress, anxiety, depression, financial issues and mental ones as well. The other major reasons are poor diet and heredity. That’s why it is recommended that you should take a proper, balanced & healthy diet as per your health and climate in which you are living.

To understand male baldness in a better & easy way, we have divided it into simple seven stages. Let’s read them one by one to understand them better.

Starting Stage- In this stage, hair loss will be quite light; you might not be able to even notice that your hairs are falling. You might notice that hair started to be thin around the hairline area. Though it is the initial stage, you should never ignore it and should take proper care at the early stage so that you can stop baldness and enjoy your healthy & shiny hair.

Noticeable Stage

At this stage, you will start noticing slight baldness and hair fall. You will see that your hairs are becoming thin day by day. M shape effect is near and it will arrive at this stage. This is the stage where you should start taking help from a doctor. You can also found different products for hair care in online Canada Pharmacy as well. You can compare the products before purchasing them.

Easily Visible

After the M shape effect, baldness is very much visible. Your hairlines area lost hair in that region. The hair becomes thin and baldness is approaching to appear. It will be difficult to stop the hairs if you do not pay attention now.

Large Bald Area

At this stage, you can easily see baldness in various areas around hairlines and scalp. This stage will start to concern you because you can see the right symptoms now.

Severe Stage

The damage is already done and you have very little in hand as baldness has taken over in your scalp. Generally, this happened after the age of 50 but it can occur much early as well if you do not take proper diet and nutritious.

Middle Scalp

At this stage, no hair is left on your middle scalp and only either side of the head have their hair. Now hair transplant is one of the widely used options and you can also opt for the same.

Horseshoe Stage

This is known as horseshoe and you do not have any hair at your middle, half-back, and the front scalp.

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