Four Essential Features for a Good Network Monitoring Tool

Network Monitoring an essential part of the job of the network engineer or a network admin. Because of the current trend of cloud services, program deployment from the server to the client should be efficient. Speed and reliability are one of the most important factors of great user experience. It is the network administrator’s job to make sure that the services are delivered with speed and reliability.

However, problems can arise internally and externally. Internal problems arise when there’s a lot of users on the site and the load is more than what is expected. External factors, on the other hand, are things that the admin cannot control, like weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. If there’s one thing that a network admin fears the most, it’s when the calls of complaints come faster than he or she knows there’s a problem. That is why a network monitoring tool is an essential part of an admin’s job.

An overwhelming amount of network monitoring tools are in the market right now. There are free and paid options, but the budget should not be the only decisive factor in choosing. Features that are important and in the line of need is what should be the decisive factor. There are monitoring tools that have a lot of features that it feels bloated, and there are monitoring tools that are very basic and very limiting. What are the core features that will ensure the efficiency and ease of usage for a network monitoring tool? Continue reading to learn more on this page.

Real-Time Monitoring

When it comes to network monitoring, a real-time monitor is a very pretty feature. There’s a lot of things that could happen in just a minute of being delayed. Real-Time monitoring offers more accurate gauge in the network and the ability to stop a problem from exploding before users experience it.

Visual Infrastructure Mapping|

A network admin don’t have time to be looking into some numerical values and comprehend what’s going on in their screens. A network monitor is supposed to help the admin find out threats that can cause shutdowns, crashes, and overall poor user experience. Visual mapping can help save time in locating future problems or problems that are already happening in just a glance.

Easy To Deploy with Bandwidth and Flow Analysis

Network monitoring tools should be easy to deploy. IT personnel cannot waste any time in setting up a monitoring tool because problems can always appear in an instant. Bandwidth and flow analysis feature gives real-time data of information flow in your site. This is a good way to identify abnormal traffic and where the traffic comes from. It is also essential when detecting bandwidth hogs in the network.


In an IT department, manual tasks are consuming the time of IT personnel. These situations can be avoided if the team uses network automation for manual tasks that can be automated. In addition, a speedy response is delivered and patched when a network issue appears.

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