Office Design for Increasing Creativity

Keeping up with the lightning fast pace of contemporary development is imperative for businesses. Especially with the numerous products and services being put out every day, businesses have to adapt and think outside the box. Meaning it’s also become increasingly important to foster an office that inspires creativity, productivity, and innovation.

The Importance of Innovation

Routine is the antagonist of innovation. By definition, within routine only exists the known and innovation is the unknown. So, it’s hard to design a workplace that promotes good habits, but also lets individuals play and experiment to develop new ideas. Its thanks to creative ideas that civilization has come so far and will continue to grow rapidly. By instilling a workplace that is designed to amplify creative thoughts, business will see an exponential return on their investment.

Unconventional Architecture

Creativity doesn’t just mean a wide palette of colors and abstract structures. Rather, it’s always ephemeral because once an idea is put into existence it becomes known. It has been created, so it can no longer be creative. However, designing a workspace that increases the functional aspect of creativity can be easy, especially when you can get ideas from places like for example. Many modern firms incorporate unconventional workstations because it loosens up the individual. For example, at Pixar workstations are put in the middle of an expansive warehouse, and bathrooms are on the opposite ends of the building. This creates an interesting effect where people are always bumping into each other and therefore communicating. This allows people to explain their new ideas to each other. Not only does this benefit the idea itself because its pitted against multiple minds at once, but also inspires others to think beyond their own thoughts and compose even better thoughts.

Happy Office Means Happy Life

Realistically the average joe spends most of his week at the office. Meaning the surrounding space also has a huge impact on the person’s health, happiness, and general wellbeing. Sitting for prolonged periods of time actually creates the opposite effect of being generative. The blood flow to your brain becomes limited so grogginess and stress are inevitable. Such physical constraints take a huge toll on the quality of work being produced. Using a standing desk, however, allows employees to be mobile and diffuses the harm done by sitting. Not only will employees be quicker throughout the day, but there will be more blood pumped to the brain means a higher quality of work.

Research shows that office spaces designed to be warm and welcoming not only incite happiness but creativity as well. Aesthetically pleasing spaces associate with a well-kept home and make employees feel like they are cared for. Another benefit of beauty is that it allows people to be calm in their thought process. A calming effect, particularly in the chaos of a workplace, brings a gentle balance that is necessary for generative flow. Balance only speaks in favor of creative ideas because it allows an individual to think on behalf of the customer and company. It also warrants the idea of a bigger picture and helps an individual piece together how ideas will work in the future.

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