Maintain Your HVAC Yourself

It is necessary to call a professional once a year for complete servicing of your HVAC system. If you need HVAC repair do not try to do it yourself because you might end up damaging other parts of your system as well. There are a few things that you can do yourself to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling system throughout the year at regular intervals.

Change Air Filter

An air filter allows the air to pass through it and enter all the rooms of your home. It filters the dust particles and other allergens like pollens to ensure that the air is hygienic. You need to clean or replace your air filters depending on their type. Disposable air filters need to be replaced while permanent air filters can be cleaned or washed. Clean air filters will allow your heating and cooling system to work effortlessly reducing the utility bills. If your air filters are clogged, it will cause an increase in energy consumption and a decrease in the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Cleaning air filters requires minimum effort but has a huge impact on HVAC system efficiency.

Thorough Cleaning

Clean all the vents and put a solution of bleach and water in the drain pipe of the external unit. This helps eradicate algae and bacteria from the drain pipes. Clean the external unit if there are spider webs, debris, dust, and leaves. Make sure that there are no objects around the external unit. Check the electrical connections and insulation around refrigerant lines.

Check Performance

Once you have done all the maintenance tasks it is important to check the performance of your HVAC system. You can place a room thermometer in your room to ensure that the thermostat is working properly. Your subjective opinion about the performance can help too. Notice changes in the sound of your system or any smell.

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