Simple Tips to Remember to Carry Your Reusable Bags

We all relate to a situation where we leave our home for shopping, but forget to carry a bag with us. We then end up taking a plastic bag. We all know that plastic bags are harmful to our environment as they cannot be recycled and our problem of forgetting a recycle bags and using plastic bags instead is creating more problems. Hence, the only solution would be not to forget this small bag before we leave our house.

So here are some tips that can help you remember to carry them:

  1. The first thing is whenever you make a shopping list, put bags on top of the list. This will help you remember even before you leave the house. We all know our schedules well, especially grocery shopping. So, pre-planning everything with the list that you need to buy as well as everything that you need to carry can help you remember these small things.
  2. Store in a bag at the back of your car. Even if you have 2 cars, make sure you put one in both the cars.
  3. Hang at a place where you often visit before you leave the house like at the key holder or behind your main door. So, remember, whenever you are back from shopping and you have unloaded all the items, you can keep those bags back at these places.
  4. Keep one in your handbags too for your untimely shopping.
  5. One best idea would be to try knitting your own carry bag or get custom made reusable grocery bags as per your choice. This would surely work as you would want to show off your bags to everyone. These custom-made bags can be made by Custom Earth Promos who makes the best of the reusable bags from recycled materials.
  6. At times, instead of bags, you can keep wicker or basket in the back of the car. This can help you get the groceries back home.
  7. Put a note on the dashboard or anywhere you see often saying not to forget your bags. This way, you will remember to carry it.
  8. Lastly, all you can do is if you forget to carry your bags and you are done with your shopping, put the cart aside and go back to your car or home and get the bags. Stand in the queue again and get your stuff. The more times you do this, the better you will remember to carry your bags next time due to the pain of standing in the queue.

Remember that plastics are made of polyethylene and they are difficult to be recycled. This plastic is dumped in the landfills. They are harming nature, not only for human beings, but also for animals and marine life. They pose a big danger to their life as they eat it and this blocks their digestive tract and they eventually die. Hence, a simple help from all of us can save so many lives and that is just by remembering to carry our recycle bags with us and avoid using any kind of plastic bags.


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