Knowing The Right Packaging To Use

There have been many changes in the laws regarding the selling and shipping of any cannabis products around the country in the recent past. These laws are very restrictive on how you can package and ship the product to your customers. In order to know what the correct way for you is to do this, you should look at the regulations that are on file for it and follow them very carefully. Many companies have found that they have received heavy fines because of the improper packing materials that were used in shipping their products.

What The Law States About Packaging

In the state of Oregon, the OLCC packaging laws are quite specific about what can be used to place your cannabis products into. All of the packaging must be secured in containers that are child proof and, in some cases, double child proofed. This is the rule for any recreational sale of the product and if it is sold in bulk, the regulations go even further. All of the information you need to know about this is on the website for the Oregon liquor Control Commission. The OLCC oversees all of the packaging requirements in the state and updates their website regularly to include any new information that is released. At the current time, the most recent version of the packaging laws is in the fourth edition. Keep copies of this law and any updates in a place that is conveniently found.

Purchasing Your Packaging Supplies

Since the regulations are very strict about how your cannabis can be packaged, you will need to find a supplier that has what you need. You can research the internet to find companies will make these containers and packages and can ship them to your facility. The packages will need to be stored in an area that is free of any potential contaminants. Check with the company you are purchasing from to see what you will need to have. The prices for the packing products will vary from company to company and it would be wise to find one that not only will give you the best pricing but will be able to ship them to you in a short time. There are many companies that have them and you can look at several before making your decisions. Some of them will offer free shipping to your place and may have reduced prices for bulk sales. If you believe that you will need many packages, you should take advantage of this discount.

The licensing commission who is in charge of the sale of cannabis has special agents assigned who will visit your facility at regular intervals in order to inspect your operation. Not only will you need to have the right building and storage facilities up to par but, your paperwork should all be in order. They will impose fines for each violation to the existing law. It is in your best interest to keep up to date on any changes that are made to the laws.

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