How To Deal With Dust Control In Your Warehouse

Dust build-up is common in warehouses, and it poses a huge health risk to the workers. What more, it can even damage sensitive goods, products, and even construction equipment. That’s why you should come up with solid solutions like using dust control systems to get rid of dust and the impending risks. With that in mind, this post will help you discover several dust control techniques you can use to create a safer working place for your employees and protect your equipment.

Use Dust Control Partitions

Think of dust control partitions as flexible and dust-proof walls. These dustproof control dust in two ways. First, you can use them to enclose a dust-producing activity and prevent the dust from spreading to other parts of the warehouse. This means you’ll shield a source with partitions to restrict dust to one area.  Alternatively, you can use the dust control partitions to protect sensitive products or equipment from dust invasion. All you’ve got to do is confine the equipment using the partitions, and they’ll remain dust-free. In general, the flexible walls act as impenetrable barriers that prevent dust from entering or leaving a specific area. The truth is, they are efficient in dust control and they can be perfect for your warehouse.

Install Dust Suppression Ventilation System

Dust suppression ventilation systems help maintain clean air in the warehouse. It does this by eliminating contaminants like dust. The system has extractor fans that draw the dust-filled air and pass it through special filters, which extract the dust before the air is pumped back into the warehouse. The best thing about a ventilation system is that once installed, it controls dust in the whole warehouse and not just a specific area. This way, you are sure that all your workers and company equipment are protected from risks tied to dust.

Use Fogging Systems

Fogging systems are perfect when dealing with a large cloud of dust. Some activities like handling grain products in the warehouse can result in dust explosions, which are best controlled with fogging systems. The systems feature a high-level technology that turns water into mist, which collides with dust particles and pulls them to the ground. Fogging systems are efficient because they can handle the finest dust particles that are usually difficult to eliminate. In other words, they can deal with any kind and size of dust, and therefore, using them in your warehouse or construction site is a sure way of providing a safer work environment.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential in dust control. Think of it this way. If you don’t get rid of the already deposited dust particles on the different surfaces in your warehouse, the dust may still be blown up into the air during movements in the warehouse. For example, the movement of forklifts and trucks in the warehouse tends to release dust particles into the atmosphere. Therefore, maintaining a dust-free floor and surfaces in the warehouse is important.

Dust build-up in your warehouse only comes with negative consequences. However, by controlling it by installing ventilation systems, or employing fogging systems you can ensure that your employees are working in a safe and healthy environment for increased productivity.


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