Become A Profitable Online Business By Spending Time, Not Money

Starting an online business isn’t meant to be as easy. Rather it takes lots of personal sacrifices, commitment, and the willingness to fail. Although launching a hair business online may be easily accessible, selling virgin hair extensions from brands like Harlem Hair Company requires that you be ready to invest time and effort as well. The truth is, achieving your business goals and increasing sales doesn’t have to be as expensive. You can still increase your profitability without having to spend any money. Here are some tips that will help you run a successful and profitable business venture and not have to spend any money.

Become a spokesperson in your field

Be ready to share your weave hair expertise and knowledge freely through blog posts, web forums, and FAQs. Also, check yourself whenever you find that you’re delivering a sales pitch that sounds more like helpful advice. Also, be a spokesperson in your industry when the local media needs an expert opinion around hair extensions. Additionally, send regular press releases and consider including a head sheet every quarter to keep reminding the media of your area of expertise.

Increase your online visibility

Be sure to boost your hair business’s online visibility. Take time to learn more about simple search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that will increase the chances of your business appearing higher on search results. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, check that you claim your hair business on Google. Even then avoid running your business from your Facebook page and other third-party pages. That’s because your visibility will be impacted should these platforms change their algorithm, thus affecting your ability to get to more customers. To check if you’re already in search results, Google your company name or other industry-related search queries to see if your website shows up.

Be part of the social media conversation

Another way you can grow your business without spending money is by becoming active on social media. Be sure to respond to clients when they share their concerns or complaints on those platforms. However, avoid stretching yourself too thin. Carry out some research to identify those social media platforms that your target group uses and then actively use at least two of them. Note that you’ll get what you’re paying for; therefore don’t expect to have a wider reach if you aren’t promoting your postings.

Simplify your marketing message

Besides simplifying your advertising message, use different variations of your ad messaging on your business site. Also, test out in the email marketing messaging and even in the calls to action. The idea is to use concise promo messages that address the pain points and inspire action. To help you identify who you want to reach, start by developing a buyer persona. Be sure to highlight promotions, offers, news, and features in your invoices, email signatures, and email footers. Also, ensure the information you provide is consistent and relevant across the board.

Ultimately, to successfully run your online hair business, you’ll need to increase your online visibility. You’ll also benefit by keeping your customers engaged when you share relevant information consistently on your website and blog.


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