Mobile Video Messaging Next Gen Marketing & Advertising

Cell Video Messaging Subsequent Gen Advertising & Promoting

Cell Video Messaging: Subsequent Gen Advertising & Promoting Cell video messaging has turn out to be very handy and environment friendly method of interpersonal communication. It engages clients higher than some other medium. Based on Diode Digital, “Mobile video messages are 600% more effective than any other traditional means of communication”. A latest examine carried out by Interactive Promoting Bureau, states that “70% of customers are now welcoming video messages on their Smartphone’s. It delivers endless flow of information and easy understanding at any given time to its users. But before getting started, let’s analyze how mobile video messaging is the next gen marketing and advertising. Understand the Current market Indeed, the current and the future market of mobile video are no where near to slow down. Mobile phones have undergone a remarkable advancement in last few decades. According to Cisco forecast, “In 2016, 60% of cellular visitors got here from movies” and by 2021, over 75% of mobile data traffic will come from videos. With the rising demand, both advertiser and brands are achieving immersive customer experience. It gives comparatively higher CPMs and certainly measurable ROI. Video messaging is the preferred Choice With the speedy growth in video consumption, it makes pretty clear that consumer viewing habits are rapidly changing. Their likeness for video is much more than only text reading. So it’s the golden opportunity for marketers, to enhance their user experience with mobile video messaging platform. Mobile video messages produce effective results more quickly than any other means of communication. Here are some reasons to support the fact – Increase customer conversion & retention The main motive of using video in marketing / advertising is to grab more prospects in less time and convert them into existing customers. This is, because video converts more customers towards a particular brand or product than the plain texts. A rich multimedia platform like moLotus would act as an efficient tool that increases customer retention and conversion. Superior Engagement We’ve heard over and again that visual content has more impact and greater engagement power. It has the potential to capture audience mind and influence them to watch more. A rich multimedia mobile video messaging platform like moLotus is best in this regard. It’s highly interactive content that consist text, image, voice, video, links and multiple response options keep the customers’ engaged. So, as a marketer/ advertiser, when you’re thinking of incorporating mobile video messaging in your strategy, consider using such effective platform. Along with engagement, it will also enhance brand value and awareness. ROI Generator Advertisers and marketers can reach their target audience while establishing better customer- brand relationship with several video advertising platform options available online. You can also try one of the most cost-effective and innovative mobile video messaging platform like moLotus that will help generating higher revenue, better response rate, and increased ROI. Videos explain it perfectly Be it launching a new product, creating brand awareness or sending just a festive greeting; videos are the most influential marketing tool of all time. The moving and talking images explain things better. Advertisers can try one of the most revolutionary mediums that makes it, even more, simpler and effective with its amazing and easy reach ability. Audience addiction: Being a Smartphone user, we know how much addicted, we are to it. And so are the users out there; they are continuously looking for something interesting. They are completely addicted to their mobiles. This creates an opportunity for the marketers to easily reach their target audiences whenever they want and build loyalty. Drives growth “Cell video messaging specifically stay resilient, rising in utilization from 9 minutes to 34 minutes from 2012 to 2018, a 278% improve” – Cisco. Therefore, by grabbing the complete profit from it, entrepreneurs can deliver their concepts to the bigger panel and assist their companies attain at high degree. They will select excellent and superb, extremely interactive cellular video messaging platform to drive their advertising and marketing and promoting progress. Conclusion With the above-given data, it’s evident why cellular video messaging is the way forward for digital promoting and advertising and marketing. In order a marketer, it is advisable to scrutinize your methods by incorporating automated and totally customized cellular video messaging as one of many promotional software and maintain your clients within the model for an extended time.

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