4 Common Commercial Washing Machine Problems that Require a Service Call

Commercial washers like other machines do get damaged from time to time. These damages will require that you have the right laundry parts sourced from providers like Laundry Replacement Parts. Once the problem has been identified, you should then source the repair parts and have the necessary repairs done. Some of the problems that will require the help of a professional technician include;

Washer Is Unresponsive

A washer can fail to respond if it’s not completely or properly plugged in or if the plug is damaged. Try testing the plug with a different appliance and check if it works.  If the plug works just fine, then the problem would be with the washer. This can be caused by malfunctioning electrical control or motor. It is advisable not to try and fix this problem yourself, rather, contact a technician to do the replacement with the right alliance laundry parts. However, if you plug in a different appliance but it fails to function, then your outlet has an issue. Therefore, contact an electrician to resolve this.  And if it fails to respond due to worn-out parts, you should replace the worn-out parts with new ones.

Washer Is Leaking

A washer can leak due to many causes like loose hoses and clogged drain. These leaks can damage your floor and other appliances. When not addressed, a constant leak can lead to the growth of mold and bad odor. Front-load washers are prone to leaking especially when the door seal is damaged. This can flood your laundry store. To avoid this, ensure the water supply hoses are secured. If the boot seal is broken, have it repaired or replaced immediately by a professional. You should also check the pouter washtub to ensure it’s not damaged. It is advisable to address a problem early enough and help retain your customers.

Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibrations can occur if you load too much laundry in the washer making it unbalanced and toss back and forth.  Another cause of this unbalanced state could be if your washer is not sitting properly on the floor. Check and ensure that the washer’s feet are completely on the ground and not hanging. If after checking for this issue your washer continues to vibrate excessively, then you may have a serious problem to deal with. Get in touch with a qualified technician to check for the cause and do the necessary repairs.

 Washer Not Spinning

There are many reasons why your washer isn’t spinning one being the door is not being completely closed and the switch not working properly. These are minor DIYs, therefore if you turn on your washer but it fails to spin, ensure you have checked for these two causes. Another cause could be loose motor belts. A loose motor belt will make the motor turn but the washer won’t spin. Problematic washer glides, clutch, transmission, or drum rollers are serious issues that should not be ignored. The best solution is to call an expert to do the repairs.

When you notice there’s something wrong with your washer, have it inspected and any damages repaired early by a technician.


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